The Soul Local marks another prominent landmark for Calcutta Cacophony. The event was devised to promote and showcase the city’s most exceptional talents from the independent scene. Moreover, through the course of three years, The Soul Local, by Calcutta Cacophony has scaled new heights. The dream of bringing the youth of the city, at one place, on a robust autumn evening, every year, was realized through The Soul Local.

“You want your cities clean and green; stick to Delhi. You want your cities, rich and impersonal; go to Bombay. You want them high-tech and full of draught beer; Bangalore’s your place. But if you want a city with a soul: come to Calcutta.” 

For the three years, we at Calcutta Cacophony have tried to rejuvenate the essence of the city, which has grown seemingly fragile, with time. And to do that, we have presented The Soul Local, to every Calcuttan, and beyond. The Soul Local is a witness to a congregation of the city’s enthusiastic youth, who in turn, are treated with a spectacle, where the city’s upcoming talents in music, dance, food enthusiasm, start-up ownership, gaming, activities and many more of the likes, showcase their vision. 

While, the first year saw 2000 people flock to the Kailash Building rooftop overlooking the beautiful Maidan, Victoria Memorial and the Shahid Minar, for the next two years it was St. Paul’s Cathedral Grounds that played host to The Soul Local. The number of attendees increased manifold, and we hosted 4000 people in the second edition. While the first Chapter had stellar performers like Rajshekhar, Debayan, DIY, the second chapter had show stealers like The Radical Array Project and The A-Team.

But, like all good things, The Soul Local had to come to an end. In 2018, with all its glory, we brought Calcutta, The Soul Local: The Last Chapter. The excitement of over 6500 attendees pulsated through the autumn evening as Amyt Datta and Arko Mukhaerjee of folk-fusion band Ziba, Bodhisattwa Ghosh, Sandipan Parial, and Nabarun Bose of alt-rock band enolaton,and finally Underground Authority with all their might took stage in what was one of the biggest evenings in the independent music scene of the city. This serene evening came to a thumping close with an electrifying set from DJ Ugain. And as The Soul Local bids goodbye to Calcutta and all its people, we wholeheartedly want it to come back, some day, when the city needs it, bigger and better.